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Are your windows old, rotting, or unattractive? Are they letting cold air in during the winter months and hot air during the summer? Having new windows installed can save the average homeowner thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. Contact the window installation experts at Doyle Siding and Window today to see how new windows can improve your home’s appearance and function.

Signs You Need New Windows

  • Your house feels excessively cold in winter or hot in summer.
  • Your energy costs are higher than they used to be.
  • Your windows let in a noticeable draft.
  • You have trouble opening and closing your windows.
  • Your window glass tends to fog up and/or ice over.

New Window Installation

Since 1999, Doyle Siding and Window has been providing new window installation throughout Milford, Massachusetts, and the surrounding towns. Not only does replacing old or rotten windows help preserve energy, but it can also improve the appearance of your home and boost curb appeal. At Doyle Siding, we install quality windows from Harvey, Pella and other name brands. For the most elegant windows at affordable prices, contact our window installation pros for a free quote.


  • Vinyl windows
  • Wood windows
  • Storm protection windows